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Children’s Dentistry

Childrens Dentist Double Bay, Woollahra NSWOne of our paramount priorities at Dr. Paul Coumbis General and Cosmetic Dental Practice is helping children smile brightly at every age, from tot to teen. Dental care starts before birth as we provide expectant mothers with the information necessary to promote healthy teeth for their growing child. By the time your child turns 1, they should be brought in for their first dental checkup.

Preparing for the First Visit

We understand that children can sometimes feel nervous about visiting the dentist for the first time. That’s why we encourage you to bring your child in to first get familiarised with our environment. Children’s Dentist Dr Coumbis and staff are warm and friendly and will put your child at ease. We would be delighted to give you and your child a tour of the practice and let your child sit in the dental chair. It’s always advisable to bring your children in when they’re well rested and relaxed so they can get the most out of the visit.

What You and Your Child Can Expect

During your child’s first visit, we will ask you about their dental and medical history up to that point. Next, we will examine your child’s teeth, demonstrate proper brushing and oral hygiene, and discuss proper care and routine dental maintenance with you. We invite you to ask any questions you may have or address any concerns. Rest assured, that Dr Coumbis and staff provide gentle dental care.

Healthy Oral Habits for a Lifetime

Children who practice scrupulous oral health habits at home and come in every six months for routine checkups can preserve their smile for a lifetime. By scheduling regular dental evaluations, our dentist is able to detect problems while they are simpler and easier to correct.

In addition to preventative cleanings, we offer services such as dental sealants to help your child prevent tooth decay and achieve a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. We also will discuss with your child the importance of avoiding sugar and making smart choices about nutrition that will benefit their teeth and overall health.

Orthodontic Options for a Straighter Smile

At about 7 years of age, your child should receive an orthodontic screening. Dr Coumbis will assess your child’s teeth to determine if braces are advisable. We offer various orthodontic options to help children achieve a confidence-boosting smile.

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It would be an honour to care for your child’s teeth. We invite you to schedule an appointment today at our Double Bay office!

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