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Fastbraces® in Double Bay

Fastbraces Double BayIt seems like an unattainable luxury to get the straighter smile of your dreams by counting down the days instead of the years. Fastbraces, used in over 50 countries around the world, has made this dream a reality. It’s the quick, safe, gentle and easy alternative to traditional metal braces.




Achieving a winning smile is no longer the expensive, years-long ordeal it used to be. From start to finish, you can reach your goals in less than a year, with some reporting results in as little as three months.

What types of issues can Fastbraces help?

Sometimes, teeth may not erupt properly, coming in sideways, tilted, gapped or overlapping. The issues that Fastbraces can efficiently and effectively resolve include

  • Crossbite
  • Crowding
  • High canines
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Spacing

What makes them so different from other orthodontic options?

The high-performance bracket system of Fastbraces starts from the moment they’re applied, putting the roots of your teeth into the upright position with a single wire. The award-winning technique saves you treatment time and cost by using patented triangular brackets with a unique structure.

They’re self-ligating, meaning no additional wire or elastic bands are necessary to hold them into place. The friction between the wire and brackets is reduced thanks to a sliding process that decreases the needs for frequent visits to tighten them while ensuring your comfort.

Who’s a good candidate for Fastbraces?

From teens to adults, they’re suitable for nearly anyone. As a certified Fastbraces provider, Dentist Dr Paul Coumbis will evaluate your situation and determine if this system will work for you.

Is there pain involved?

Naturally, you’ll feel excited to get your braces off and see your brand-new smile. We’re happy to report that users of Fastbraces report lower levels of discomfort than those who wear traditional braces.

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